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1-1 Guided Meditation Sessions

1-1 Guided Meditation Sessions

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The 1-1 guided meditation sessions will be available as singular sessions or if you wish to progress and want to learn how to connect to your inner child or higher self we have the option of a 5 session package.

These sessions will go for 1 hour where we will work through theory and how to meditate which includes the following:

  • How to connect to each chakra through meditation.
  • How to open and relax your mind to connect to the 5TH dimension and the spirit realm.
  • 30 minute guided meditation where we connect to each chakra and help you ease into the space.
  • Journal techniques and prompts to continue to open up the chakras.

Meditation is a key point in connecting to your intuition and learning how to open your mind, however the work doesn’t end just with simply meditating. You have to follow through with journaling, self love and small things that help you to continue to open the mind.

All of these options will be covered in the sessions with Adriana  

 Once you book in you will receive a confirmation email of the service you have purchased followed by another email from Adriana confirming dates and times that are best suited to your needs. 

In connecting with your chakras you are able to deepen your connection when it comes to connecting to the inner child or higher self  

If you wish to continue your meditation journey and want to learn how to connect to your higher self and inner child here is what you need to know for this.

Your higher self allows you to connect to the source, the divine our higher power energies. Your higher self helps you discover inner peace by practicing mindfulness, gaining clarity and overall living a more fulfilling life.

Your inner child is where you connect to joy, peace and adventure. Our childhood is so important for establishing clear attachment boundaries, communication and trust. As we develop the inner child we may be faced with situations that can emotionally impact us later in life as adults and with that trauma can develop  

By joining Adriana in a guided meditation via ZOOM this will deepen your connection to your higher self and therefore your connection to source. The inner child mediation assists with identifying what they need help with healing and also to understand how to bring joy and love back into your life. As we connect to the inner child we re-establish a happy connection which reflects onto your healing journey  

Thess meditation sessions will proceed for 30 minutes where Adriana will guide you through an intuitively channeled meditation to meet your higher self or inner child, followed by a debrief after the meditation to discuss how to move forward with what was brought into the space. 

In this space we will understand what your higher self/ inner child  would like from you to deepen the connection as well as how you can heal yourself.

After the meditation has completed a range of shadow work questions will be provided to help you further on your journey.   


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