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Bambii Rose

Individual Chakra Cleanses

Individual Chakra Cleanses

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Experience the transformative power of our personalised Chakra Cleansing service at Bambii. Our skilled candle maker, Adriana, will craft a unique candle designed to clear and realign your chakras. Using the ancient practice of reiki, she will work with your energy to provide healing and restore balance to your energy centers. Adriana intuitively selects herbs to create the candle mould, and then uses Palo Santo, Sage, and the Chakra Candle to effectively cleanse and purify the chakra of your choice.

(Please note the cleanse is done from a distance)

We do however send you a voice recorded guided meditation to guide you through the cleanse. This mediation will go for 5-10 minutes.

During your cleanse, we recommend creating a serene environment by taking a bath, meditating, or simply relaxing. Embrace this opportunity to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.

We will contact you via email with 3 time slots for you to select so that we can finalise the booking.

Cleanse time: 45- 60 minutes as it depends on how blocked the chakras are and how long it takes to clear. 

The Cleanses will be completed and you will be contacted prior to commencement and just after to check-in. If you have any questions after your cleanse feel free to reach out  

You will also be given the Chakra work book of the chakra you have chosen to cleanse as a part of the clearing and service. 

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