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Bambii Rose

Individual Distant Reiki Session

Individual Distant Reiki Session

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Our distant reiki sessions focus on total body healing as Adriana connects to your energy from a distance she is able to connect to each chakra individually  and clear away all the stagnant energies that are weighing you down.

The individual reiki sessions will be complete via distant only and not online , this session will require you to be present at home laying down for an hour at least to create space for the session, you will be contacted before the session starts and after the session is finished being provided a full update on what messages came through and what you need to focus on after. 

In this time you can meditate, listen to relaxing music which will allow you to connect deeper into the healing space  

How long is the overall session: 45 minutes 

All updates will be via email once the session has finished and any specific or direct messages will be advise. 

NOTE: that you will feel emotional after the session as we will be clearing away a lot of energy for healing, it iis normal to purge the spiritual body as we create room for clearing and healing this can feel this way for up to 7 days after reiki. It is best to take it easy, be kind to yourself and drink lots of water. 

 You will be emailed after this has been processed so we can arrange a suitable time and date for your session to take place. 

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