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Bambii Rose

Online Group Guided Inner Child Meditation

Online Group Guided Inner Child Meditation

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NEXT MEDITATION: Monday 13/5/24 830pm 

Your inner child is the young version of you that you continue to carry with you every day. It is the part of your spirit that seeks adventure, joy, creativity and pure happiness.

How do you know if the inner child needs healing? 

  • You tend to feel a lot of big things about small things.
  • Difficult relationships with your family members.
  • Struggle to voice your truth within your home.
  • Feeling like your emotions are not valid or you don’t have a safe space to show how you really feel.
  • Low self-esteem, constant self-doubt and an inability to process your emotions.
  • Unable to self regulate and seeking validation or emotional support from others.
  • Feeling insecure in your relationships and needing constant validation of love.
  • Chronic feelings of emptiness and helplessness

By joining Adriana in a guided meditation via ZOOM this will deepen your connection to your inner child and therefore your connection to source.

The inner child meditation will begin the healing process and journey to help nourish and reconnect to the inner child. It will offer space to allow them to find peace and help you flourish in life now. 

This meditation will proceed for 20 minutes where Adriana will guide you through an intuitively channeled meditation to meet your inner child. In this space we will understand what your inner child would like from you to deepen the connection as well as how you can heal yourself. This meditation will open up the space to help you identify what your inner child wants you to heal and how to start doing that. 

A ZOOM link will be sent 24 hours prior to the meditation session. 

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