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Bambii Rose

Agios Mixali Protection Mist

Agios Mixali Protection Mist

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Our Protection and Cleansing spray has been designed to keep your energies protected, remove old stagnant negative energies and to help ground you. 

This beauty is made with Palo Santo + Wild Orange + Eucalyptus oil for the ultimate clearing. 

Spray each corner of any room 3x. 
Spray 3x and walk into mist with eyes closed. 

Repeat x3 

I am protected from all evil eye and negative energies.  

Our mist comes with an evil eye charm that can be removed and used as a keyring or on a door handle once finished  

Each bottle has been created with the intention to protect, clear and feel safe  

External use only. 
In the event of a reaction, please discontinue use. 

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