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Bambii Rose

Cord Cutting Ceremony

Cord Cutting Ceremony

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If you are finding yourself feeling stuck in certain patterns , noticing you are struggling to remove people from your life then this is a ritual for you. 

A cord cutting ceremony is the symbolic break of an energetic cord that can be attached to the energetic field of the body. This ritual is to clear away all karmic energies , negative energy and any other unwanted energies that are attached to your energetic field from past experiences or relationships that you have not been able to break. 

These rituals can also help you cut cords and ties with the emotional aspect of your inner child, inner teen or any self limiting beliefs as you serve the energetic cord that is attached to those beliefs which pull you back into those past states. 

This ritual can take up to 90 minutes to complete as it depends on the process and how quick the cords break. It is completed via distance where Adriana will also use reiki healing from an afar to break the energetic cords that are attached in a negative way. 

During the ritual it is best to remain relaxed, seated or take a bath, so that you can feel grounded as the trial takes place. 

Once the ritual has been  completed Adriana will reach out to you via an email providing you an update of what happened  and any messages that may have come through. 

It is normal after the ritual has been completed to feel extremely relieved,  excited but also emotionally over helmed and sad because you are releasing and cutting ties with years of attachment and baggage. Sometimes cords may re appear as it also depends on your choices in life moving forward also, but this ritual does make the process easier when it comes to healing and letting go. 


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