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Bambii Rose

Crystal Chip Bracelets

Crystal Chip Bracelets

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Crystal Option

Looking for something to keep your energy levels grounded and balanced throughout the day. Our bracelets are perfect for you. 


Rhodonite: compassion, love and self-reflection. 

Citrine: good luck , wealth and success.   

Carnelian: confidence , bravery , strength and good luck. 

Clear Quartz: spiritual protection , mental clarity and grounding. 

Blue Agate: serenity, inner peace and reflection. 

Black Obsidian: claiming back your power, protection from negative energies and grounding. 

Black Tourmaline: offers protection from negative people and energy, grounding and balance. 

Unakite: offers balance , emotional support and stability. 

Tigers eye: offers courage, self - confidence  and inner strength. Helps manage anxiety.

Rose Quartz: offers unconditional love and support. 

Strawberry Quartz: offers compassion, grounds your energy and helps you to connect to yourself. 

Labradorite: helps the body and spirit heal itself, opens third eye and offers clarity of the mind. 

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