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Cut the Bullshit Spell Kit

Cut the Bullshit Spell Kit

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Cut the bullshit mini spell kit is to clear and banish all negative energies that no longer serves you. 

Amplified by herbs that have been set with intention by Adriana this mini spell kit assists with removing all negative energies and entities that are currently surrounding you. 

What does the kit include: 

- 1.5 Hour mini spell candle 

- Cloves

- Red Clover 

- Rosemary 

- Fennel Seeds 

- Himalayan Salt 

How to perform the spell: 

Place the candle in a foil tray and sprinkle your herbs around the candle in a circle. 

Say the opening prayer that is included 3 x times and then light the candle. 

Allow the candle space to burn and whilst it’s burning focus on clearing out all the negative energies, write down what or who  you want to let go of and burn it all away. 

Once your candle has burnt say the closing prayer and once the wax has hardened, best to do the following day burry it in the furthest corner of your front yard to keep the negative away. 

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