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DIY Love Ritual Kit

DIY Love Ritual Kit

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This DIY kit has been designed to amplify your intentions and manifestations to attract healthy and loving relationships. Infused with herbs and brightened by the colour red which represents romance , this kit will help attract the right people into your life.

Personally , I have created this ritual kit to honour the self, we tend to take ourselves for granted to often and rather than appreciating all of the things that we do for ourselves we get caught up in a negative thinking process and in the matrix of doubt  and as a result we forget to hold space to honour ourselves with love and gratitude. 

It will include a small bag of rose petals , rose buds, salt and red hand poured candle created by yours truly.

This ritual allows you to create a space to honour yourself, it reminds you that you are worthy of love and you are worthy of loving yourself. It is beneficial to increase your vibration when you are feeling low as it helps you to reconnect with you heart and root space bringing your energy back to you.


  • sprinkle the salt, rose petals and buds into a foil tray 
  • place the candle in the middle of the tray surrounded by the salt and petals and light the  candle
  • add some meditation music if you choose 
  • take 3 deep breaths and connect to yourself 
  • imagine a red light surrounding you and embrace the feelings of all things love.
  • allow this candle to burn whilst you connect to yourself, the candle can burn for however long you chose to. It can burn for 10 minutes or you can burn the whole candle in the one session.
  • this is about you connecting to yourself there is not right or wrong way to do so.
  • once your candle is lit it is time to write a letter to yourself and writing all things that you love about you.
  • then compile a list and focus on the values you wish to have in a relationship and what kind of people you wish to attract. 
  • once you have complete the above feel free to blow out your candle or continue to meditate on the scared space of love you have created. 

In connecting to your heart space and deep breathing you are able to re-centre and realign with self love therefore being able to expand that love out into the universe.

This kit is not just to manifest a love you desire but also to help bring love back to you!! ♥️🌙 🌹

Note: the next day once you have completely finalised the ritual the wax has hardened dispose of the remains. 

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