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Bambii Rose

DIY Shadow Work Kit

DIY Shadow Work Kit

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Our hand poured divine masculine and feminine candles have been reiki infused to help you face your deepest shadows. 
Shadow work allows us to reflect on what we need to heal within, our divine masculine and feminine energies are linked to our shadow work. 

Our masculine energy represents strength, protection and assertion. The masculine is of strength and provides us with our courage that we need to be able to succeed in life. When our masculine in unbalanced or blocked we may be connecting more to our ego and in itself that can be overbearing and overpowering. 

Our feminine energy represents fertility, love and binds us to the earths energy. The feminine is of divine love and connection , the power is magical and beautiful. When our feminine is unbalanced or blocked we feel disconnected to ourselves , our surroundings and struggle to find a sense of peace. 

Our feminine and masculine need to live in harmony as they are the ying and yang of energy , without the harmony we are unable to vibrate at our highest point.

These candles have been designed to rebalance the shadows of our divine power within.

How to use:

  • Grab a foil tray
  • Place your hands around your candle and repeat the prayer on the card 
  • Place your feminine and masculine together or separately in the tray. 
  • Closer your eyes and visualise a white light coming over the shadow for 1 minute and continue to deep breath. 
  • Open up your journal wrote a letter to your masculine or feminine or both and truly express how you feel and how they help you in every day life.
  • Answer between 5-10 shadow work prompts  (available anywhere online) 
  • Allow the candles to melt all the way before you finish your session. 
  • Once done let the wax harden and then throw it in the bin. 

Please note the intention of the shadow candle is to help you clear your energy whilst you journal or complete your shadow work activities the candle amplified this intention. 

If you wish to complete the clearing over the few days , that can also work. 

Note: it will be expected you feel emotional, sad, angry or frustrated it is a clearing of the shadow. Take it easy on yourself and be kind. 

The candles are not scented they are hand poured and created with energy and intention , herbs are within the candles to amplify the intention of healing the shadow. 

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