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Bambii Rose

Sacral Chakra Workbook

Sacral Chakra Workbook

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Our mini book is available to help you begin your clearing out the energy for the specific chakra you want to focus on. 

(Pages 8)

What’s inside:

  • Meditation activity 
  • Journal activities 
  • Grounding exercises 
  • Balanced VS unbalanced chakra 


Note: the chakra book comes with a candle mould cleanse. 

The Chakra cleanse is where I’ll tune into that part of your energy and remove all and any blocks. I will make a specific coloured candle mould and use that in the cleanse with other herbs to clear out the Chakras. The Cleanse will go for as long as the candle takes to burn. 

Happy Chakra cleanses 🌙

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